In 2008, eight representatives of different religious and philosophical pathways came together to co-author the following text as a statement on and an invitation into a global spirituality.

An Invitation To Global Spirituality

A common ground for humanity


Humanity is entering upon a new phase of conscious evolution. A new consciousness demanding global responsibility and compassionate responsiveness is evolving with unprecedented intensity. Considering the present state of the world and the obvious inability of political and religious establishments to create sustainable peace and harmony, a global spirituality, fulfilling this naturally endowed potential in all humans has become an epochal need: an urgent call for connecting to the sources of spirituality, nourished from an integrative experience of union with a deeper reality. Beyond the differences among the followers of all religions and ideologies, beyond any crusted concepts, myths and morals, a new perspective reveals: a vision of deep respect for the essence of each other’s philosophical, religious or spiritual path that leads to a courageous commitment for the benefit of humanity and world community.
Global Spirituality recognizes the ever-present ground of being, the Absolute, that has always been the centre of religious and spiritual search, the source from which the many names of God emerged. It is ever present in each and everyone as a liberating force of love and wisdom that is open for direct experience to all human beings at all times: unconditionally, irrespective of their beliefs in religion or a higher entity.

Global Spirituality is not a new religion, nor does it require membership and conformity. It is an evolutionary dynamism emerging in human consciousness, an integrative power with the capacity to join humans in a global family.

Global Spirituality

Within every human being lies a beautiful heart where love and wisdom can blossom. The heart contains a seed of universal potentiality, the essence of being, we all share in unity. The door of the heart is always open, ready to connect the present moment with infinity, a deeper reality.

In the depth of our heart, we discover calmness and clarity, peace and loving kindness, springing from an ineffable source beyond words – silence behind silence, the whisper of Truth. Here, unconditional love and all-embracing wisdom emerge, caring for all manifestations of life in a natural and spontaneous way.

Although each heart is unique, there are three main doorways to its innermost space: The first is present awareness of the “I”, opening into vast stillness, the eternal ground of being from where the universe and all its phenomena arise. The second calls for surrender to the all-encompassing “THOU”, leading us into silent communion with the greater wisdom and love. The third follows the great awe and bliss when we recognize the “IT”: the radiant perfection within the great web of life. The three doorways to the heart will merge into one, whenever we become fully aware of the present moment – the now.
Often, however, our heart is veiled; blinded by clouds of attachments, judgments, resistance and frustrations that separate us from seeing how things truly are. Fear of losing temporal security and illusionary identification with our self-image blind us to our true Self. This causes suffering within and all around us. By accepting our own afflictions and taking them to the heart in pure awareness and with loving care, suffering can heal and transform into wisdom and compassion. By understanding that life will inevitably confront us with all our unconscious aspects, we learn to courageously accept and transform them; a process that will lead us into ever deeper trust and commitment. By overcoming our own obstructions, we can compassionately accept and transform the pain of others as a path towards collective healing.
When we are rooted in our heart, we realize the interdependency of every thing. The world’s situation and its interrelatedness with each and all unfold in clarity. As one human family living on a single planet, the inevitability of a common destiny becomes apparent. Our heart has the capacity to respect differences and celebrate unity simultaneously. We have the ability to become global citizens in thoughts, words and actions so that we can work together for peace, justice and sustainability. A world culture of respect, compassion and solidarity can emerge and reshape the planet into a place of wisdom and beauty, harmony and love.

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